The Gravure Printing technology, came from French word "GRAVURE", is one of special printing methods which puts color inks on each cylinders for rapid printing.


It had been established by Karel Vaclav Klietsch, born in 1841 Czech. Karel and Samuel Fawcett, had worked in Storey Brothers, cooperated for develop their techniques on photo to commercial.

On the other hands, the Joseon Dynasty imported printing machines and lead print on 1883. Bangmunkuk, the printing department of Joseon Dynasty, was established as well.

The printing technologies of Korea have grown from 1920s', after introducing Gravure Printing Technology.

The Present Usage
  • Hot Transfer Foil
  • Label on PET bottle
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Post Stamp
  • Printable on several surfaces.
  • Long term life cylinder
  • Endless rapid printing
  • Variety of colors
The Future Usage
  • The printing industry evolves from simple printing methods to electronic printing.
  • Electronic printing method make people face future merchandise such as Graphene, RFID, Organic Transistor, and so on.
  • The Gravure Printing Technology is the fastest way to realize electronic printing.