Lifelike Surface

Heat stamping foils for extruded plastics is designed to reappear texture of vintage woods. Also, they have structures and colors which can be used for a variety of reasons.

Color Check

All foils are released after checking by skillful craftsmen and high-tech facilities.

Design Development

We can supply not only 8,000 varieties of foils but also new things such as functioning foils via on/offline discussion.

Implementation of imagination

The Design Studio has its original colormaking process which represents both lifelike surface, especially antique woods, and imaginary colors such as white, metal and pastel tone.


The Laboratory always develops better functionality of foils such as chemical resistance, anti-scratch, and so on. It enables you to use foils not only just on plastic moldings but also on paper, MDF, Magnesium Board etc.


Photo Frame

Interior Moulding

Deco Sheet


Bathroom Cabinet